21 year old man dating 30 year old woman

No, not too big of a gap. Go bang some bishes OP. Depends on the person but probably. She is most likely going to be a lot more serious about things than you. Especially if she wants kids and doesnt have them yet.

Undressed: What’s the Deal With the Age Gap in Relationships?

May also have baggage. I think its a bad idea. Honestly once you get over 20 or so, age is mostly just an illusion IMO. If you're compatible and happy with your life outside your relationship, I don't see what the big deal is. Originally Posted by FattyMcTubbs.

Undressed: What’s the Deal With the Age Gap in Relationships?

Originally Posted by struck Originally Posted by 2 D. Never date an older woman like that, gross. She's gonna be getting even older, her looks will be fading quickly as they already have while you're going to look better. Originally Posted by SensationWhite. Originally Posted by wifestealer.

Originally Posted by mingzie. She's at the age where she'll really start wanting kids, get married, everything. You're a young buck, not ready to settle down.

is a 22 year old male dating a 30 year old female too big of an age gap?

However a 10 yr old dating a 16 yr old is just fucked up. That 6 yr difference is much more disproportionate than a 24 yr old with a 30 yr old. I had just turned 28 when I met my now hubby who was then Age isn't much of a factor after your teens.

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Originally Posted by sugarlily. I'm 40 years old but I look like I'm People are utterly shocked when they find out how old I am. I have no wrinkles, no gray hair, I have a full head of hair, and I have a cheerful attitude. When I was 38, this 18 year old was considering dating me. She was very mature for her age though.

Actually she was probably the most mature woman I've ever known. She was very smart, hard working, responsible, sweet, good looking. We could have gotten away with it and people wouldn't think it was wrong since I look so young. But we decided against it. The difficult thing is that women in their 40s look so much older than me that if I dated my age group, it would actually look weird and people would think the woman is rocking the cradle haha.

What am I supposed to do? My Ex is 12 years older then me we were together for 7 years and I met her when I was Even now were still best friends and considering getting back together.

Older men often date younger women, but everyone can benefit when the age gap is reversed

No one but the enemy will tell you what the enemy is going to do. No one but the enemy will ever teach you how to destroy and conquer. Only the enemy shows you where you are weak.

Only the enemy tells you where he is strong. And the rules of the game are what you can do to him and what you can stop him from doing to you. Originally Posted by TradewindNQ. Funny story, my last gf was a lot younger than me, she kept calling me a pedophile.