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My family the love of my life. I'm an outdoors person that loves to try new things. God and my faith are extremely important to me. Send me a message if you want to get to know me. I am officially a licensed Pastor and have m training in Pastoral Counseling as well. I also acquired my Dr of Motivation Title. I am a former radio dj and a music promoter. I work with men and 30 women suffering from alchohol and drug abuse issues.

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My job is upon graduation from our 9 month program to find housing, jobs, reestablish life skills, go to college or get their GED. I have recently acquired my Certificate in Biblica. Hi there Newbie here. Grace an peace be until you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking for a gentleman ,that will love me as Christ love the church, I will love him the same.

Life is to short. I am looking for my King with my heart not my eyes,. Somehow I just can't turn away but not because it's like a car accident. It's appealing in an honest sort of way.

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For example, recently widowed Len Cariou brings club vamp Sally Kellerman to an early bird all-you-can-eat buffet on their first date because that's where he and his wife used to eat. Who hasn't made that mistake trying to impress someone. Between the hilarious moments in the movie, I couldn't help but think "Didn't Michael Douglas date an older woman Brenda Vaccaro back in the 70s? This movie probably won't make any money at the box office but mark my words, it'll probably become a cult classic a decade down the line, like "Office Space".

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NYCDude 22 April I saw this movie in Deerfield Beach, Fla. It was highly recommended by these relatives. The story centers around a bereavement group consisting of seniors most of whom about 8 out of 9 are females. The movie concerns the problems of dating and what else? It tackles the problems of getting back on ones feet after the demise of a spouse, and perhaps starting a new relationship. The movie addresses the problems of both the men and the women, and does so thoughtfully and sympathetically.

I thought there were a few false moments, contrived for effect, but on the whole it was an honest movie which held your attention throughout. The acting was fine, and I would single out Brenda Vaccaro for her fine acting. I rate the picture as a eight very good , though I am tempted to add more points because it refrains from demeaning older folks and their problems.

It was refreshing to see older actors revealed as they really look. The acting was excellent, and the story entertaining though poignant. It was thoroughly enjoyed by three over women. Brenda Vacarro is now a heavy-set woman. Dyan Cannon's face-lift is less than perfect, although her genuine sweetness shines through. Sally Kellerman bravely disrobes in front of the camera. Renee Taylor looks every bit her age. I would say the scenery is a good selling point for those seniors looking for a beautiful area in which to live, with activities a cut above the normal senior activities in most areas.

It was not at all depressing, but a rather positive take on what life might be like for those over 60, with a good retirement package. There were plenty of laughs as well. This movie is a love story and a comedy, but it is much, much more than that. It had a wonderful mix of personalities.

It is about the reality of losing someone and coming through it a better person with a lot more of life to live. Not just for Overs, but it may help to be to really appreciate this film. I felt like I knew all these people You'll laugh and cry at the same time. We start all of our reviews with the following information. My wife and I have seen nearly movies per year for the past 15 years.

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  4. Recently, we were honored by receiving lifetime movie passes to any movie any time at no cost! So we can see whatever we want whenever we want. Your local critics or the national critics like Ebert are really no different than you or me. The only difference is that they get to write about the movie and are forced to see hundreds of movies whether they want to or not. Therefore, it is our belief that if you get your monies worth for two hours of enjoyment that is good enough for us!

    We only care about our friends and those who we know like the same things as us. Well enough about that. If you a Floridian as we are, the movie is simply a perfect representation of life in Southern Florida. A very poignant and sometimes funny movie with wonderful actors. A poignant, touching, semi-realistic look at the lives of seniors, with a great sense of humor. Joe Bologna was a perfect choice for the role he played. The rest of the cast was fine and provided a great, nostalgic discussion topic of other roles and films they have in which they've appeared.

    This film goes on a short list of movies that my sister-in-law recommended that I've enjoyed. The plot twists kept interest high throughout. Very glad to see it played well in Philadelphia. We wondered how it would do outside of Boynton Beach As an aside, is the soundtrack available? Would have sung along but the theater was packed. I had the chance to see this in April with my father in, naturally, Boynton Beach. The story is about loss and love in a community of seniors.

    It is a great ensemble comedy with many actors and actresses who were big names back about years ago. It was quite interesting to see how many of these people whom I grew up watching at the theaters had aged. What I fail to understand is why this movie has not been released outside Florida. The story is just as relevant in Phoenix, Palm Springs or anywhere senior citizens are dealing with the sometimes "golden" years. Please, tell your local arts theaters to get this movie into their rotation. It is a pleasant film, and certainly more entertaining than horror movies such as the Gore harangue on alleged global warming looks to be.

    EUyeshima 10 October There is a gentle, loping quality to this seriocomic character-driven comedy, but it also doesn't feel quite substantial enough to provide genuine insight into their difficult situations. The various story lines rarely feel more complex than an episode of "The Golden Girls", but the principal actors - some rarely seen outside of guest appearances on reruns of "Murder, She Wrote" - compensate to a great degree. There are three plot threads that intertwine over the course of the movie. Long-married Marilyn faces an unexpected tragedy when her exercise-obsessed husband is killed by a thoughtless woman backing her car out of a driveway.

    She decides to join the Boynton Beach Bereavement Club the movie's original title upon the prodding of Lois, a still-sexy, flirtatious interior decorator who is the unofficial social leader of the club. As Marilyn faces her anger and loneliness, Lois finds herself drawn to Donald, a younger man whom she believes is a real estate tycoon. Also in the club is Harry, who fancies himself a ladies' man and wants to help Jack, newly widowed and prime bait for the widows in the retirement community.

    Jack isn't ready to date until he meets Sandy, a very interested woman who isn't quite what she claims. Harry, on the other hand, tries online dating, but he finds trouble with the woman who seems like the ideal match for him. It's nice to see actors who gained prominence in the late 's and early 's receive substantive roles in their autumnal years. Brenda Vaccaro "Midnight Cowboy" as Marilyn and Len Cariou "The Four Seasons" as Jack deliver the strongest performances because their characters undergo the grief and recovery of losing a loved one.

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    Both are as likable as ever, though it's rather disheartening to see Cannon so surgically altered. Seidelman's thoughtful commentary is the only extra on the DVD. PaulyD 4 May I think many of the comments about the inappropriateness of Sally Kellerman's nude scene are unfair and frankly petty. Yes, she is a 70 year old woman, but ask yourself, how many women her age would agree to baring their breasts in a movie? The answer is only one who is so committed to the role that she is willing to take enormous chances, and possibly risk ridicule in the process.

    Her character is a wounded warrior in the relationship game and is clearly very vulnerable. And yet in spite of that, she puts that same vulnerability right out there for her new male friend to see, risking rejection in the process. Frankly, I'm happy to see an actress of integrity and commitment willing to put it all up there on the screen for those of us who enjoyed this movie. She deserves praise, not ridicule. I'm not sure anyone under the age of sixty will like this movie very much, but since I do not fall into that category, I really enjoyed it. The viewer is treated to some insight into the lives of active seniors living out their golden years in a fairy tale-like Florida community.

    Those of you who have never seen such a community in person may think that the filmmaker has pulled a Tim Burton and digitally created a Disney-like set for this film, but having lived in that area of Florida, I can assure you that there are beautiful places such as the community featured in which every color seems to be enhanced in some magical way. The movie stars a number of actors who have been in film most of their lives - some being sex symbols of the past. They show us through their considerable acting skills that they "still have it.

    Taylor's character, at first, seems too comically over the top, but later in the film we get to see an example of her true acting talent. Vaccaro's character is shattered by the loss of her husband and is at loose ends because she never took part in any of the business affairs of their life.


    At first, I thought that this aspect was overdone because I doubted a woman of my age sixty-one at this writing would have been so unaware of the everyday business of a family. When I looked up Vaccaro, I found that she is actually sixty-seven - and looks damn good, I might add. Considering the society in which we grew up, those six years between us could have made for that difference in the role a wife might take in a family. Vaccaro's character is invited to join a bereavement group by a gregarious woman played by Dyan Cannon.

    Cannon, who just turned seventy in real life, is thin and energetic with - in my opinion - way too much face work. Are you looking for a place that allows adult chatting that may lead to sex hookups for local Boynton beach singles? Then why aren't you signed up yet! The sign up process takes only seconds. Free Dates, new friends or casual sex dating is just around the corner and we have plenty of testimonials to back that up. Start meeting people in Boynton beach, florida right now by signing up free or browsing through personal ads and choosing which local sexy singles to hookup with.

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